Move Your Caravan with Ease with This Essential Caravan Accessory

The caravan represents the great Australian adventure — hooking up the mobile domicile to the back of your car and heading off into the sunset with the great vast land at your fingertips. It's a sense of freedom that little else can compare to, even though towing and moving a caravan with the most capable car can still be quite a chore. Thankfully, there's no shortage of caravan and camper trailer accessories to make the trip easier from start to finish. Like the cars that they attach to, caravans have become a highly accessorised asset with each one boasting the potential to be modified to perfectly suit its user's needs.

One of the most cost effective and helpful caravan accessories that you can get is a power mover jockey wheel. The jockey wheel is the small detachable and extendable wheel that attached to the front of the trailer while the caravan is not attached to a car. It provides stability and a method of moving the caravan short distances without an automobile. 

Still, moving a large caravan with only an unpowered jockey wheel and people power can be a tough task. Factor in anything more than a slight gradient and a caravan packed to the brim and moving it without hooking it back up to the car becomes almost impossible. A power mover jockey wheel looks a lot like its unpowered relative with one simple difference — it boasts a small motor. It's certainly nothing that's going to win you any races, but the added assistance from a power mover jockey wheel is all it takes to move your caravan around a small lot much more easily without hooking it back up to your car.

Generally capable of moving a caravan up slight inclines, the power move jockey wheel is both a time and energy saver. Its use isn't limited to caravans, though, as it's also able to move larger trailer and camper trailers slowly but surely. Using one is straightforward, as well. Once you've made sure that your caravan isn't going anywhere by engaging the park brake and/or placing chocks around the wheels, the power mover jockey wheel simply attaches in the same fashion as a regular jockey wheel to the front of the trailer.

From there, all it takes is some small adjustments to achieve the correct height and setting the direction of movement and you're ready to move. Attach the control handle and off you go (slowly)!

Being able to move your caravan about with unprecedented ease makes this one of the best caravan accessories you can invest in for your cross-country adventures!