Three Tips for Catching and Preparing Black Marlin

If you're in the mood for fish but worried that you don't have the fishing or cooking skills it takes, don't worry. With the right tips, even an amatuer on the boat and in the kitchen can create a tasty meal of black marlin steaks. Here's what you need to do:

1. Book a black marlin charter.

Black marlin are one of the fastest fish in the world. They travel tens of thousands of kilometres, and they can be hard to find. To boost your chances of finding a black marlin, book a black marlin fishing charter. Trained professionals can lead you to the most likely spots to find black marlin, and they can help you catch them.

Catching a black marlin requires special equipment. Even if you get a marlin on the line, the struggle is not over. These fish can swim 128 kmh, easily pulling loose from the line if you don't have the right lures and lines in place. Luckily, charter companies equip their boats with the right equipment to boost your chances of success.

2. Find a charter company who cleans fish.

Fishing charters offer different services. Some simply take you to the fish, whilst others include additional sightseeing opportunities, fish cleaning and other offerings. If you are a relative novice to the world of preparing fish, look for a charter company that cleans the fish for you.

That way, when you get off the boat, you don't just have to take a whole fish home. Instead, you can wait around for a while after the ship has docked or come back the next day, and the charter company will have your fish skinned, deboned and cut into steaks.

3. Grill the black marlin and keep it simple.

The beauty of cooking black marlin is that it doesn't have to be complicated. Instead, the best way to cook this fish is also the easiest. Basically, you should treat this fish like steak, and you should cook it relatively rare.

You can use a frying pan on the stove or pop your fish on the grill. Before starting, rub some olive oil on the fish and season it. You can keep it simple with salt and pepper or get creative. For a creative taste, focus on Mediterranean, Asian or other types of spices. To make it easier, look for a grill rub or spice mixture designed for fish at your grocery store. Then, cook the fish for just a couple of minutes on each side. Serve with easy side dishes such as potatoes or rice with a salad or vegetable.