Essential Tips For Beginner Kayak Fishermen

If you enjoy fishing and kayaks, you could combine the two for double the pleasure!  Here are some top tips for beginner kayak fishermen to help you get the most from your experience.

Basic equipment

If you are to enjoy a comfortable and successful fishing trip in your kayak, it's essential that you take the right equipment.  You could splash-out on a specially rigged-out fishing kayak, but really all you need are the following:

  • a net
  • a knife
  • a rod
  • a pair of pliers
  • tackle boxes
  • a 3 pound claw anchor

You will also need to obtain some thigh straps to help keep you in your seat and enable you to manoeuvre your kayak through the surf.  It's also a good idea to take some ready-meals with you too, just in case you don't catch enough to survive on during your trip!

Dress to impress

The obvious danger when fishing from a kayak is that you stand a fair chance of ending up in the water.  For this reason, it's always sensible to dress ready for a ducking.  Wear your life jacket and also lightweight clothes that you can comfortably sit in when they're wet.

Rig to flip

Before you set off, make sure that everything you're taking with you is secured onto the kayak and also that it will float in the event of capsize.  Place everything that needs to stay dry inside a plastic bag that can be made watertight.

Keep your head up

The key to remaining upright when fishing from a standing position is to keep your head up and centred over your kayak.  If you maintain this position, it doesn't matter how much the boat rocks and rolls in the swell; you won't come a cropper.

Complete beginners are advised to start fishing from a seated position until the art of balancing the kayak whilst simultaneously handling a rod and line are mastered.

Plenty of length

Don't be tempted to cast out a line that's miles long; this only makes it much harder to reel in a fish or remove snagged bits of weed.  Instead, just casting a rod's length of line each time will still give you enough to work with comfortably without losing control.

You can enjoy two sports for the price of one when you go fishing in your kayak.  Follow the tips above to make sure that your adventures are safe and enjoyable.